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Stables Fix

Ensure that your horse has proper medical care, hoof care, feed, and exercise.* Owner must ensure that the horse receives proper care as approved by the MCCS Stepp Stables Manager as outlined in the boarding agreement. Horses may be placed on full feed or full cleaning without owner permission at the discretion of Stables management and may be reported to Animal Control. Animal abuse will not be tolerated at any time. Animal abuse and/or neglect may result in border being evicted from the stables and a report submitted to the Humane Society.


The speed limit is 5mph throughout the stables. Speed limits will be kept traffic slow in common areas and adhered to whether in a vehicle or on horseback. Drive vehicles no greater than 5 mph and keep horses at a walk in the Stables areas unless in an arena, round pen, or trail course. While on trails please keep horses at a walk when passing other riders. Avoid military training while riding in training areas. Do not approach uniformed personnel, vehicles, or tents.

Parking is only allowed in designated areas. Specific parking areas are defined on Stepp Stables area map available in the office. Boarders will not block stall gates, trailer access, tie rails, tack rooms, wash racks, etc. Parking in designated areas will increase the usability of stables amenities for everyone.

Dump manure carts and place them neatly alongside manure pits. Please do not leave full wheel barrels anywhere at the stables. Dump manure as far back in the pit as possible. After dumping wheel barrels leave them alongside the manure pit. Leaving wheel barrels in front blocks other boarders from dumping manure. 041b061a72


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