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GOMK 69 Wonder Lady VS American Monsters 2 Yui Hatano

In the last episode Wonder Lady got disgraced by the Alien and crucified on the clock tower at Goddamn City. But luckily a thunderbolt struck her and pumped her heart back again. Under the surveillance of the Mayor Wonder Lady was put into the life-support system for a complete recovery. Inside her dream a mysterious man named Crazy caresses her. He has complete control of her and could not use her special powers. When Wonder Lady wakes up the mayor assigns her to go on a special investigation mission and achieve informations about the serial hypnotic case. All of a sudden Wonder Lady gets sleepy. Returned to the world of dreams she finds a vibrator sticking out of her vagina! But why! How? Crazy disgraces Wonder Lady in a mysterious world of dreams. Just when Crazy is about to cum in her he gets assaulted by someone and she wakes up. Who struck Crazy and what is happening? [BAD END]Yui Hatano Kang-syakutags:superheroine porn,superheroines fetish,superheroines adult movies,fantasy,jav,japan,japanese,wonder woman,forced sex akiba,aliens and monsters

GOMK 69 Wonder Lady VS American Monsters 2 Yui Hatano


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