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Munnibai Review: A Thrilling Hindi Movie with Dharmendra and Sapna - Download in 720p Now

Hindi Movies Download 720p Munnibai: A Review of the Action Drama Starring Dharmendra and Sapna


If you are looking for a Hindi movie that combines action, drama, romance, and revenge, you might want to check out Munnibai, a low-budget film directed by Kanti Shah and released in 1999. The movie stars Dharmendra as Heerabai's father, Sapna as Heerabai, Durgesh Nandini as Munnibai, Mohan Joshi as Hirabai's father, Johnny Lever as Kammal Khan, Rajesh Vivek as Joginder, Anil Nagrath as Arun Mathur, Gulshan Rana as Joy Thakur, Vinod Tripathi as Robert, Arun Mathur as Shripati, Sumeet as Sajjad Khan, Praveen as Feroz, Noorie as Reena Kapoor, Devraj as Ketnav, Jai Thakur as Devraj, Aradhana Deshpande as Aradhana, Feroz as Feroz, Reena Kapoor as Reena Kapoor, Ketnav as Ketnav, Johny Lever as Dr. Kammal Khan, Arun Mathur as Arun Mathur, Anil Nagrath as Anil Nagrath, Noorie as Noorie, Praveen as Praveen.

hindi movies download 720p Munnibai

The movie tells the story of Munnibai, a woman who becomes a bandit after her family is killed by a gang of dacoits led by Hirabai's father. She vows to avenge her parents' death by killing him and his daughter Hirabai, who is also a notorious bandit. Along the way, she meets Kammal Khan, a doctor who falls in love with her and tries to help her. She also faces various enemies and obstacles such as Joginder, Robert, Shripati, Sajjad Khan, Feroz, Reena Kapoor, Ketnav, Devraj, Aradhana, Feroz, Reena Kapoor.

The movie was released on July 30th 1999 under the banner of Gulab Films. It was shot in Jaipur Rajasthan b70169992d


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