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Sparky Lock Screen

Echo Notification Lockscreen automatically organizes and displays the notification which allows you to receive notification directly from the lock screen. This a lightweight app that wakes the phone on arrival of important messages only. You can create reminder, group notification into priority, social, media and work. It works with almost all custom launcher including, Yahoo Aviate and Go Launcher.

Sparky Lock Screen

WidgetLocker is a great lock screen replacement that includes various built-in styles, re-sizable widgets, custom grid size, buttons, notification badges and much more. You can control the overall look, layout and feel of your lock screen.3. AcDisplay

AcDisplay shows notification on minimal and beautiful lock screen. The app has great interface and delivers smooth & fast performance. It also includes inactive hour feature that saves battery and active mode feature that uses sensor to wake your phone up when you need it.4. Ubuntu LockscreenThe first Ubuntu Touch OS lock screen on Android. The app has formal Ubuntu style interface and various setting to change animation and color. It also includes 3rd party app notification, locking timer and easy to use music button on lock screen.

SlideLock is a very simple and lightweight app that allows you to receive notification on lock screen. Swipe the screen to the right to unlock and swipe left to open camera. It also includes custom status bar, setting for each 3rd party app and pebble watch support.9. GO Locker

GO Locker is a very popular app packed with numerous beautiful themes. In the free version, you get plenty of unlocking styles and shortcuts to system switches. Moreover, it allows you to lock home button and read messages directly from the lock screen.10. DashClock WidgetDashClock Widget can be used as a widget on home screen to get all sorts of information including emails, messages, notifications, news, missed calls, alarm etc. Make sure the enable widget is turned on in your security settings.

Cover is an impressive app with smooth scrolling and quick response. It takes care of what you need every time you turn your phone on. It has app switching features, peek feature that lets you open app direct from the lock screen and smart setting based on the location. Smart setting allows you to select different apps (that will be displayed on lock screen) for the different places.12. MagicLocker

Locker Master is stylish app filled with live themes and unlocking methods. It includes sidebar navigation, animated live weather, unread SMS and missed calls on lock screen. You can also display 3rd party app notification including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, g+ and more.15. Joy Locker

Joy Locker is a unique game screen locker about firearms, beauties, anime and more. You can create your own ukulele and play it to unlock. Also, there are various mini games like gun shooting, playing with fish, soccer, which you can display on screen locker.16. Next Lock ScreenNext Lock Screen is designed by Microsoft that saves your time with quick app launch feature. You can access the information you need direct from the lock screen such as calendar, missed call, text message or any third party app notification. The lock screen background is dynamic that changes with location.

If your friends are evil who often take your phone while you are distracted, then this app is absolutely designed for you. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock will sound an alarm, police siren, starts to vibrate and blink effects on the screen whenever someone tries to operate your phone.

Pimp provides tons of designs and colors to customize your lock screen. It includes 35 HD wallpapers, 350+ status bar and docbar pattern and colors. You can add unlimited photo effects, lighting and blur effects to wallpaper.26. LockScreen+

LockScreen Magic provides colorful HD wallpaper themes with retro, classic and modern designs. You can also make custom wallpapers according to your convenience.30. FancyLockFancyLock is a beautiful and eye caching lock screen app. It is not feature heavy but you can customize it with new colorful themes and creative styles.

The app is a mega collection of awesome lock screens and home screens. It is integrated with Activeblur technology that creates a great floating illusion. Moreover, there are numerous myriad HD wallpapers that deliver amazing parallax effects.Written byVarun KumarVarun Kumar is a professional science and technology journalist and a big fan of AI, machines, and space exploration. He received a Master's degree in computer science from GGSIPU University. To find out about his latest projects, feel free to directly email him at [email protected]

Android lock screen has improved a lot since the early days, yet there are still a lot of Android users trying to customize the lock screen. Indeed, lock screen for Android isn't just there to look good. It is also an important navigational screen, which enables you to jump to the most-use features directly.

Search on the Internet, you would find many lock screen apps for Android are provided. Which is the best? In the following article, we've collected 20 cool Android lock screen tools and widgets for you. Read along and make your Android lock screen more interesting and functional!

LokLok is one of the most creative Android lock screen alternatives. It offers a fun way to change lock screen. LokLok lets you draw on your lock screen and then send the drawing as a message to a friend who use this cool lock screen app for Android, so if you want to get the most out of it, call your friends together!

As a simple, smooth and effective lock screen app for Android, Hi Locker allows you to quickly open your favorite apps from lock screen by simple holding and swiping. It offers three lock screen styles: classic, lollipop, iOS. Multiple ways are provided to customize Android lock screen, including greetings, fonts and wallpaper changes.

AcDisplay is one of the most impressive lock screen apps for Android. It features a minimal design with a darkened background and shows you notifications on the lock screen. This lock screen app comes with Smart Wake-up feature, which makes it one of the best app to lock Android screen while watching videos.

As the name indicates, Echo Notifications is a free lock screen app for Android that's designed to collect and open notifications in one tap. It allows you to group notifications into categories like social, work, media, etc. Echo Notification provides a minimal and lightweight experience, and it's generally well liked.

Go Locker is one of the most popular lock screen apps for Android. With a wide range of lock screen themes, Go Locker tries to customize your Android lock screen as you like. Besides, this cool lock screen app also supports gesture unlocking and shortcuts to read text messages.

Like Go Locker app, Lock Master also provides you many attractive lock screen themes. This lock screen app for Android has a DIY editor that allows you to create personalized themes. Moreover it can support 2k+ high resolution lock screen wallpaper for Android. If you are into decorations, this is the perfect one.

Next Lock Screen is an impressive APK for locking screen for Android developed by Microsoft. Even though looks elegant and simple, Next Lock Screen cleverly calculates which apps you're most likely to use based on your location. Among all free lock screen apps for Android, Next Lock Screen is worth a shot.

Among all Android lock screen widgets, Dashlock Widget is the best one to be taken as a lock screen app replacement. Use this lock screen widget on your home screen, you can receive all sorts of data including, time, weather, notifications, news, etc. Instead of lock screen apps for Android, this would also be a great option.

CM Locker is one of the best lock screen apps for Android. With a slide to unlock feature just like iOS, CM Locker makes your Android lock screen as elegant as possible. Intruder selfie is an important feature on this lockscreen app to let you know who is trying to access your phone.

Picturesque is another cool app for screen lock. It features the built-in lock screen widgets, also, Picturesque integrates Bing search as a widget on the lock screen and it utilized Bing wallpapers to display wallpapers by default.

The Yahoo-owned Aviate launcher is an attractive yet simple home screen replacement for your Android phone. You'll get access to your favorite apps directly on the home screen, which you can hand pick when you set up the app.

What really makes Aviate stand out, however, is a feature called Spaces. These are different contextually aware categories that appear in the upper-left-hand corner of your home screen depending on where you are. So, on your way to work, you might see an icon for the Moving space, which would provide travel information and apps like Google Maps.

Celltick's Start lock screen replacement adds a list of icons along the left side of your lock screen and a ring toward the bottom. You can pull out these icons to see quick notifications, and sliding your finger over the ring will reveal app categories that you can choose. There are also a ton of themes to choose from.

Even though Cover is still in beta, it's an excellent lock screen replacement. If you use specific apps while you're at work versus at home, Cover will be helpful. The lock screen replacement learns more about you and the apps you use over time.

It presents different apps on the lock screen depending on where you are. For example, if you're at work, it'll include apps like Gmail, Evernote, and Google Chrome on your lock screen. When you're at home, it may show mobile games or news apps you frequently read.

EverythingMe really shines when it comes to quickly retrieving files, apps, and contacts from your phone. It's got a built-in universal search field in the home screen that pulls up relevant information.

If you want a clean look with minimal distractions, the Apex launcher should do the trick. The default home screen is nice and tidy, with nothing but the Google Search widget across the top of the screen and some app and menu shortcuts across the bottom.


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