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TOCA 2: Touring Car Challenge Free Download [CRACKED]

The problem with serious racing sims is that they'll forever be measured against the infallible GGran Turismo. Despite this tendency, ToCA 2 is a strong contender for one of the best driving simulators on the PlayStation. Because it's a touring car experience, the races here are full contact, tooth-and-nail struggles on every straight-away, around every bend. The game is set up so that you'll have to win races and unlock modes in order to finally open other challenges. In its uncompromising pursuit of realism, ToCA 2 never dummies down to arcade physics; however, a large majority of racing fans out there will find this a tragic omission. Each of the modes you play will have the same realistic physics, and with the exception of the Sega Rally-like time trial mode, all the car damage you wished Gran Turismo had. While the official licenses (from cars and tracks to drivers and events) are authentic, I wish ToCA 2 had a bigger selection of touring cars for the main challenge. It's basically the same roster of cars from the original ToCA with a handful of "special" cars you can unlock. Graphically. ToCA 2 has a lot of surprising detail. Look carefully and you can see drivers through the windshield, or the colored reflections of headlights off the slick wet asphalt. OK, so it's not Gran Turismo...but so what?

TOCA 2: Touring Car Challenge Free Download

The game modes include the support races such as Formula Ford and the Ford Fiesta Championships, a test track mode where the player tests any car on certain variations of the test track, a Championship mode which is dependent on the length with the difficulty selected, a feature new to the game is the support cars are able to be chosen with the color the player prefers. The Multi-player mode (known as Linkup Game) allows for 2 or more players to race on any circuit and also in the Championship mode. A challenge mode is included to see how fast the player can get to the checkpoints in a limited amount of time. The single race mode allows for the player to choose the track he/she wants to race on and this mode features the ability to change the weather, laps raced and allowance for computer cars for one or more players. TOCA 2 Touring Cars Download free Full Version.

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