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Mind Map For Free Mac

Mind mapping has seen a significant rise in usage ever since its introduction a few years back. These days, individuals and large groups alike practices using mindmaps to significantly increase their productivity. On that note, both Windows and Mac users enjoy the benefits of mind mapping due to the existence of map and chart makers. However, mind map applications for Mac are still limited in number compared to Windows. That is why we listed down some of the best free mind mapping software Mac.

Mind Map For Free Mac

Coggle is another online application that supports Mac devices. The tool works just like any other mind and concept map makers, with its essential features and options. However, what sets it apart from other tools is the easy color-coding of nodes and paths. Aside from that, it supports Markdown, which lets you create hyperlinks from simple text. Overall, it is safe to say that you can rely on this tool as it is one of the best free mind mapping software for Mac.

FreeMind is an open-source mind mapping software that works on Mac devices. As an open-source tool, users are free to modify the software as it is allowed by the developers. FreeMind provides various options like full link following, which works on both links from the internet, and local directories. Apart from that, it has a quick one-click navigation option for faster browsing. You can also export your mind map as an HTML and share it with your friends online.

One of the best mind mapping software for Mac is called Zenkit. This is a productivity tool that provides a platform for online collaboration. The good thing about this is that it supports cross-platform collaboration which means that you can work with your colleagues on a project, regardless of your desktop or laptop units. Some of the productivity features that it has includes mind mapping, project labeling and color sorting. Overall, we can definitely say that it is a great mindmap tool for your Mac device.

MindMeister made it on the list since it provides free and ready-made templates to its users. You can use the different layout options within MindMeister and create your own personalized template. You can then share it on the tool library and let other users use it. Additionally, you can import ready-made mind map templates directly from your PC. Mindmeister is web-based which makes it compatible with Mac. Below are the other features of MindMeister, and you will see why it is one of the best free mind mapping software for Mac.

MindManager is the last one to make it on our list of mind map tools for Mac devices. This tool provides solid templates that you can use for free. Apart from that, you can create your own template and turn it into a URL. The best thing about the tool is that it works with MS Office tools and Apple productivity tools, which adds even more functions. Overall, you cannot go wrong with this free mind mapping software Mac version.

SimpleMind is a versatile cross-platform mind map maker that is very suitable for Mac use. It provides various home-grown layouts, color schemes, and chart elements for free. Aside from that, it lets you make your own mind map and diagrams the way paid tools do, and that is for free. Ads are also scarce while using Simplemind for free, which means less distraction. You can also take this free mind map software for Mac anywhere you go via its mobile app.

The last tool that we have is Mydea. You can download and install this software for free. Use-time of the free version is also unlimited which is a great feature. Another great thing about this software is that it integrates well with web browsers so that you can view linked web pages fast and easily. Here are some other features of this great mind map software for Mac.

Mind mapping was invented for everyone to use. It should not be limited to what operating system you use. That is why it is important to know which tools you can use that are supported by your system. Mac is especially known to support few applications compared to Windows. However, that is not always the case as you read some information about the best mind map software for Mac that is readily available for you.

Mind mapping is a terrific visual method for capturing thoughts and ideas. For both business and personal use, a mind map is ideal for brainstorming sessions and helps you organize your concepts easily.

If want a stellar mind mapping app for Mac, the App Store has plenty. The problem is that most are paid---and expensive at that. But luckily, there are several free mind map apps for macOS that have great features and are a breeze to use.

You can use SimpleMind Lite for free and without ads. But if you would like additional features like Dropbox and Google Drive sync, media and document options, or app customizations, check out the paid version.

To add nodes, click either the Topic or Subtopic buttons from the toolbar. To insert text, just double-click inside the shape. You can freely move the nodes without losing their connections or turn subtopics into main topics.

Xmind 2020 gives you awesome features for free. But if you would like to unlock full version or also use it on iOS, you can check out the in-app subscription plans. You might also take a peek at mind map apps specifically for iOS.

Junkyard is another slick and easy-to-use mind mapping app for Mac. What's nice about Junkyard is that you receive all features for free. There is a small ad at the bottom of the window that you can remove with an inexpensive in-app purchase. But if you don't mind the ad, this is a great freebie.

Mydea's free mind mapping app is a good choice if you enjoy adding icons, symbols, and even links to your diagrams. You can choose from five layout options, like mind map or fish bone. Then select a style, which applies colors and shapes to your mind map.

The toolbar is intuitive and lets you create topics and subtopics with a click. Double-click inside a node to add the text. If you want a number or progress symbol, just hit the Assets button. The app lets you move all nodes freely and zoom in or out for different views.

Mydea Lite lets you add up to 20 nodes per mind map. If you would like to add more, consider the paid version, which also provides support for XMind documents and importing or exporting in Markdown format.

For basic mind maps, click the plus (+) inside a node to add a child. Or use the blue and pink plus (+) buttons in the toolbar for brother and child nodes. You can then double-click a node to add text or use the text box in the toolbar. You can move and resize the nodes and diagram freely while keeping the connections.

SimpleMindMap lets you create mind maps with a limit of 80 items for free. For simple maps, this is ideal. But if you need more, you can upgrade to the full version via in-app purchase for unlimited items.

Free mind mapping software for macOS is great for basic diagrams and helps you get the job done. Whether you like modest mind maps with just a few nodes or those that go a bit further and contain many, there's sure to be an app here that you'll like.

If you want similar apps for other platforms, explore our roundup of the best free mind-mapping tools. Or if you would rather use Microsoft Office, check out these helpful mind map templates for Microsoft Word.

When it comes to organizing ideas and thoughts, mind mapping is an ideal method. Thanks to Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping, we can quickly organize our thoughts for business or personal uses.

Although there are plenty of Mac mind mapping apps available in the App Store, most of them require payment and not worth it just for occasional users. Luckily, here we found the 9 best mind mapping software for Mac.

GitMind is a free browser-based mind mapping application. It has an extremely simple interface and numerous mind map templates to choose from. The template categories vary widely from project management to wedding timeline. Thus, when you need some graphic tools to present your ideas intuitively, and you have no idea about designing a mind map, GitMind is the best choice for you.

With, you can almost create anything you want, not only mind maps. Besides an extensive shape library and various templates, it also integrates with Confluence and Jira. Confluence users can convert Gliffy to with one click and Jira users can find every diagram related to Jira issues.

Above are the best 9 mind mapping software for macOS we selected in 2020. Whether you like simple and fast solutions, or you have a rigid standard on designing and displaying, you can find an application that fits you.

Mind map makers make the process much easier than using a pen and paper or even a drawing pad because it makes things far more flexible when it comes to making changes, edits, enriching and sharing mind maps.

ClickUp is an incredibly easy to use project management and CRM software that features well designed integrated mind mapping tools for planning projects and ideas.

Mindmapping in can be connected to what it calls Work OS which means that all members of an organization can feed ideas into a collaborative document that then turns into a mind map.

One of the highlights of MindManager is that it can automatically download data from Microsoft applications via Office 365. This includes text from Microsoft Word or data stored in Excel for much faster mind mapping.

A nice touch is that XMind includes integrated note taking tools that allow you to quickly note down ideas and inspiration that suddenly spring to mind which you can then drag and drop into your mind maps.

One of the best things about Whimsical is that you can invite anyone to view and comment on Whimsical mind maps for free whereas most mind map makers require you to sign-up or subscribe to collaborate in any way.


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