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OMEC Technical Sheets

Hyaluronan (HA), a major component of the extracellular matrix, plays a key role in cell proliferation, growth, survival, polarization and differentiation. We investigated the optimization of a HA hydrogel scaffold for culture of human oral mucosal epithelial cells (OMECs) for potential application in limbal stem cell therapy. The effect of the optimized scaffold on OMEC cell sheet morphology, cell metabolic activity and expression of genes associated with stemness, adherence and cell damage was studied. The results indicate that HA hydrogels crosslinked with polyethylene glycol diacrylate (PEGDA) failed to support OMEC attachment and growth. However, HA hydrogel scaffolds dried for three days and coated with 1 mg/mL collagen IV produced a full OMEC sheet. Cell morphology was comparable to control after three weeks culture, maintaining 76% metabolic activity. Of apoptosis-related genes, the pro-apoptotic markers CASP3 and BAX2 were upregulated and downregulated, respectively, compared to control whereas the anti-apoptotic marker BCL2 was downregulated. The expression level of stemness genes ΔNp63α and ABCG2 was significantly higher than control. Genes associated with improved scar-less wound healing (integrin-V) and protection of the ocular surface (cadherin-1) had 3-fold increased expression. These data suggest that our optimized HA-hydrogel scaffold could enhance culture of OMEC cell sheets for use in ocular reconstruction.

OMEC Technical sheets


Omec srl is based on the production of metal tubes for vacuum cleaners in chromed-steel (own galvanic equipment), painted steel (own powder coating equipment), painted and anodized aluminium, stainless steel AISI 304/AISI 441.The tube is entirely produced by our own starting from the cromabile steel sheet metal, painted steel and stainless steel until finished tube.The aluminium Tube is purchased in lenghts and worked according to Customers' specifications.The Tube is just saled finished : measurements, diameters, finishing, lenghts, technical features are personalized and adaptable to Customers' production and market requests. Relationship to customer is characterized by Partnership and mutual cooperation.Omec srl provides the Customer a qualified technical support on : project, development, innovation and production.Omec srl is provided with the most innovative and technological advanced tooling and production equipments : profile/electrical welding cromabile steel, profile/laser welding for stainless steel AISI304/AISI441, tube forming, cutting and deburring, laser cutting, cone-making, hole-making, press department, new automatic telescopic tubes assembling equipment, carton-boxes automatic palletizer reading bar-code "tube-typ related to customer", careful and faithful quality control.Tooling department: design and development of tube making machineries, produced inside Omec srl, OMEC own research and development

OME Motors is a motor company specialized in the production and construction of electric motors in Italy, which are successfully distributed throughout the world. A historic electric motor company rooted in the territory, which also operates internationally but always maintains its family production tradition as an electric motor manufacturer. Established in 1960 as Elettrotecnica H. Orsatti - as a company specialized in the maintenance of electric machines based in Brescia. The company began producing electric asynchronous motors in 1980 thanks to the subsidiary CME (Costruzioni Meccaniche Elettriche); in the same period, the internationalization process began by establishing important partnerships with foreign companies and starting production in China, as well as in Italy. In the early 2000s, after expanding the production of electric motors and acquiring ISO 9001 certification, the company became Orsatti Electric Motors. In 2011 the electric motor company developed further and became OME Motors; and presents itself as an international company with success not only in Europe but also in the United Arab Emirates. Today Orsatti Group boasts a position of global importance among electric motor manufacturers; thanks to its extensive experience in this sector, technical innovations and specialized know-how. 041b061a72


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